Gym booking Terms & Conditions

Update to Government Guidelines for Gym Use. 

1. Bookings to be made are for those staying in your apartment household or social clusters only.
2. Limit use time to 40 mins per session to allow for access, egress and additional clean down between users
3. Guests asked to change and shower in their own apartment units and changing rooms are to be locked unless required for specific circumstances. 
4. Additional cleaning protocol to be established to cover cleaning.

Booking Rules:

- You must enter the apartment you are staying in the description when you book otherwise your booking may be cancelled without notice

- Operation at present in line with government guidelines to reduce risk of transmission

- Your booking is for your apartment household or social cluster ONLY

- Your booking is for 40 minutes

- Changing rooms are shut at present, please change in your rooms and shower in your rooms after

- Use is at your own risk, there are no staff on duty in the Gym and Leisure Suite Area

- Please read the full disclaimer information before you enter the Leisure Suite Area

- Please note at present due to limited capacities we are only able to guarantee one slot per guest in the pursuit of fairness between all guests. You can then be put on a waiting list for available slots on a first come first served basis thereafter. 

- Guest Service Staff have the right to cancel and alter bookings without notice should this be necessary to ensure fairness during these times of operation.

By clicking on the Book Now button below, I confirm that I / We have read and understood the Byron Guidelines and information disclaimers on use of the Gym Facilities.