Why Surf Woolacombe?

Because it’s one of North Devon’s most famous surf spots, and has a nice regular set which is perfect for beginners, intermediates and long boarders, The atmosphere is generally relaxed and there are lifeguards patrolling the beach throughout summer. Even when the waves here aren’t big, they are definitely fun.

If you venture around the rocky point to Combesgate, there are less people and the chance for some pretty epic barrels. The catch here is that there are more rocks and a strong rip, so best left to the experienced surfer and the best waves are at mid-tide.

This three-mile stretch of sand extends to Putsborough and Baggy Point in the south, Putsborough can sometimes hold a pretty big wave. On days when the surf is small, it offers a great wave for the beginner surfer, but in bigger swells it is perfect for the experienced rider. There is a strong rip current near the south end of the beach near the cliffs, which can be useful for some but dangerous for those with little experience, so, as with any day in the water, know your limits and be careful when surfing here!

Remember to talk to the locals if you’re new to the area.


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